Sunday, January 25, 2009

Plan => Smart or Stupid

We all love making plans.I am not gonna talk like joker in the movie 'Dark knight'.Again all our plans are not really planned well you know. SO some fail and others obviously don't. So we start judging them and call them as either 'smart' or 'stupid' .

But lot of times "some things happen for our good and some don't happen for our best". And somewhere you can see that every goods are followed by some bads and vice-versa. Its a continued chain reaction......Sometimes you can really see a pattern evolving in this relation.

Now this pattern shows there is some other MASTER PLAN made by someone or something that really is very powerful. It is just called as luck or something whenever a plan passes or fails. So is it like if we plan according to so called MASTER PLAN that our plan is a good one, otherwise its truly not a plan.Then its all about knowing the MASTER PLAN makes us smart or stupid. OR is it possible that the MASTER PLAN itself is so well planned that the pattern is invisible OR may be it is not planned well enough.


Kartoon said...

You have showed me how to use "Plan" word 14 times in a single post! ;)

"some things happen for our good and some don't happen for our best" -
From the above lines, you seem to be very happy with your life and that's nice to hear that.

God's Master Plan has a pattern and its invisible. So true.

Keep posting (and planning!)