Sunday, December 28, 2008

ViVa la raza

This is a Small story. Just like every other kid, I was always attracted by the beauty of moon . One fine day Night my dream came true in my own dream..yep true,I was on the same moon that I used to dream about!. It was very peaceful as I expected. But...something was really missing. Just after a small time a miracle happened, I turned around and was stunned by a...oh...She was damn beautiful,colorful,amazing and attractive.She was very familiar!!. I remembered its the same old earth,the one I left. I was feeling guilty for some strange reason. [By the way till here... this story is flicked from one of the futurama episode]

Why!!!...I could think of only two reasons here
  1. Is it because we see only one side of a moon every time and assume its beautiful. Am I fooled by this moon just like the cunning people we see every day.
  2. Is it because that in my previous life on moon..i prayed GOD to put me on earth since i was bored living in a BLACK and WHITE moon and wanted to be on COLORFUL earth. How did I forget my purpose and never explored anything.
  3. Is it because of that 'common curse' i.e, human being's greed [Stupidity] which lead me to wrong place.
<---------------------------------THE END---------------------------------->

  • Make your dream come true in your own dream
  • Live Today and make the best of what you have before you want to go back to what you want!!
  • Google earth is not an alternative for earth
viva la raza