Monday, October 27, 2008

Start winking!!

Ha-ha...I can hear you giggling (If it isn't you..Then’s the ghost in your room). I am not talking about that part of the story.This is something related to your lovely computer. How many of you are bored holding a mouse (no matter how comfortable it is) or using a touch pad. Just every time you want to navigate you need to be watching the mouse pointer and coordinate your hand movements. Don’t you feel there are two separate things done, where one (eyeball movement) is just wasted to check the other (your hand movement).

We already know there are sensors which can detect our retina for authorization and stuff like that…. Can we use this to sense our eyeball motion and replace our mouse and touch pad. Then why did I talk about winking??.Yeah, you are smart.. your guess is correct. I was talking about how every mouse click is just as easy as winking!!.
Fortunately we have two eyes to use as right and left clicks.

I don’t recommend you gamers to replace your joysticks with winking eyes!! . It’s very hard to play shooting games.

Anyhow don’t waste your time reading stupid things like this. Coz the average human blinks 25 times per minute.


devil said...

really awesome mind blowin thought.......

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Yeah, another one of your ingenious ideas.In addition I would want to close a program immediately when I roll my eyes... :)
Also it's a welcome change considering the fact that many people keep ogling at the screen with no respite for the eyes.. ;)
Keep your thoughts running bro.

But it's not physically possible for me to wink with my right eye.. :(