Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I may be stupid or just confused

[warning:The following stuff is supposed to be funny and you are expected to laugh when you read it]
Some of the stupid things I have done so far
(I'm sure this list grows....)
  • I landed on planet earth on july 11th 1987 (As I remember earlier i was in floating in a fluid..)
  • I was using mouse(not a rat!) pointer to kill the fly on my PC monitor.
  • I saw a rat with out tail and thought I'm into future. Coz i thought it is like a cordless mouse(PC), a 'tailless rat' in the future.
  • I forgot to leave my brain before watching the movie 'OM Shanthi OM'
  • I used to call 'watermelon' as 'waterLEMON'.
  • I have started blogging!!